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Karen Laroux | Realtor®

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I love the World of Real Estate. I was an Escrow Officer and Marketing Director for title companies for 17 years before changing my direction a bit by becoming a Real Estate Agent/Realtor. I have really enjoyed these last four years being a Realtor because you meet the nicest people/families. It’s the people I meet, that I would otherwise not have known, and the life stories they share with me that I love the most about my job. Every day brings a different combination of things. New people, new properties, new obstacles to get past … no two days are ever the same. Moving is high on the list of stressful things to do, so when I’m able to ease stress and burden for my clients and to help them get where they want to go, it feels good. Real estate is truly a helping profession.. Real estate transactions are often complex. Guiding buyers and sellers on the sometimes thorny path to closing day requires several traits that are characteristic of other helping professions: Excellent communication skills, ability to inspire trust, power to remain calm during a crisis, ability to give and receive objective feedback, sensitivity and knowledge!! Real estate agents who possess these skills can build valuable relationships with clients and co-workers. And it’s those relationships turn a real estate career into a truly rewarding one: both emotionally and monetarily. But with all that said, I do love houses. Old houses, new houses, dated houses, rehabbed houses, big houses and small houses. I do love houses.
“Some Agents Show Homes, I Show Results!”